So I’m sure no one reads my blog, but I would like to ask the world one question:

Why must people say and use the word “nigger” and “nigga?”

Yes why yes I said the two words that make me cringe every time I hear it. Whether it is in songs or conversations, I get a little annoyed.  I only accept when the word(s) when I hear it from a historical standpoint or when used in spoken word because there is a purpose for it; a deeper meaning.  When everyday, “normal” people use it in conversation as it is a word that is o.k. to use in “normal” conversations, I find it offensive.

I don’t want to really get deep into it, but can someone please let me know why?  Maybe I’m the ignorant one because I don’t know why WE use it.  I am open to your conversation.


Just so YOU know

Just an ordinary person putting things out there.  Since we have freedom of speech, this is my place to just let you all know what’s going on and what I think about them.  It can be positive, but it can also be negative.  Not trying to stir trouble, though to most it may seem that way.  I think there are various topics and things out there that need to be addressed and the cool thing about blogs (and real life in America) is that there is nothing you can’t say.  Only thing to remember is that there are consequences, both good and bad, that follow what you stated.  At least with this blog, it will follow only this blog and not me in the real world.  Just like one of my favorite celebrities, Anderson Cooper, I will try to keep this as professional as possible and nothing on here will reveal anything about my personal life.  Yes, personal thoughts on issues or topics will be revealed, but to only that extent.  Anything that deals with names, places, and anything that can be linked to the person behind this blog will never be revealed.  I choose to keep it that way and I hope any of you who read this can respect that.  I welcome all comments, thoughts, people, etc.  Thank you for reading (that’s if you choose to move forward).

Thank you.